About Us

Our Founder - Mark Dilks

Enjoying an extensive and successful marketing and strategy career with some of the worlds largest and most recognisable brands, Mark is an MBA graduate from the world renowned Warwick Business School. At Stratagem&Co, Mark has blended his extensive practical experience with the academic frameworks he learned during his MBA at Warwick to develop an attractive proposition that supports SME's in the development of their growth strategies. Whilst working with these organisations he has observed that generally speaking, SME's struggle to access the advanced research, strategy, change management and demand creation skills that they need to drive growth, and so he founded Stratagem&Co with a mission to enable his clients to access the expertise they need for growth in an affordable and scaleable way.

With a motivational and inspiring approach, Mark has a proven track record of domestic and international success in the Marketing & Strategy Functions. He is an experienced marketing professional who delivers powerful strategy, efficient processes and consistent messaging that result in significant business growth and demonstrable ROI.

"Mark is a highly talented strategic marketer who uses a logical and data based approach to bring clarity to organisations. Without doubt Mark inspires those around him to go the extra mile....." Ben Henson - General Manager - IDEAL Industries Ltd

Our Mission

We utilise our research, strategy, marketing and business development expertise to help you to;

  • Discover compelling insights about your market, customers and competitors
  • Create winning marketing strategies that enable you to prepare for growth
  • Implement effective business development tactics that generate leads
  • Manage and grow your sales pipeline efficiently

As a consequence, we grow your revenue……and become a valuable and trusted partner.

Our Vision

To be the No.1 SME Marketing Strategy & Growth Consultancy in the UK

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