Few of us are running a company staffed with robots - but sometimes it feels like it...!!!

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....which means we each must succeed through the abilities of our people.


As a leader of an SME myself (I run a consultancy helping businesses to grow) my main problem seems to be that people don’t read my mind. My second problem is that even if they do they don’t do things the way I want them done. I started the business, I want them to do it my way. I know what works and how to expand, its just that they don’t get it and I have to keep jumping in to sort it all out. Been there right?

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Your people will never be as skilled as you, certainly in those skill areas that made the business succeed. But I tell you what, its quite humbling when you realise that others will have the skills to grow your business which you do not have. It isn’t about what skills you have and how to duplicate them. It’s about what skills do you need in place to grow the business. And it’s likely that others will have those skills and you don’t. That’s what I found for myself, and it’s a tough thing to swallow sometimes.


As businesses grow they need different skills. In order to push a large growth spurt a different set of skills is needed. For example, most of us have seen how we do not have skills for social media, which others do have and which are increasingly critical for commercial success.


So what skills does your business need right now, to grow significantly in the next few years, and what skills do you lack? Or do you have some of the skills but they are resident in only one or two people so you are vulnerable to them leaving? How will you get the skills you need and get them up to speed?


Skills management needs a strategy. The great thing about doing it is that you can plan for skills which will make the business growth easier to achieve, why should the owner of the business do all the growth work? There are people out there who could help significantly.


Do a skills requirement analysis and a skills audit as soon as you can. Without that we cannot grow.


A short story to end this blog. Stuart Pearce, ex England footballer and local hero (my home team is Nottingham Forest), was team manager for England national under 21 team from 2007 to 2013. In his first outing as a manager he passed his first-choice team to his wife to check. “Love she said, you are doing a great job. But you haven’t put down a goalkeeper”.


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At Stratagem&Co, we believe that being able to quickly assess and evaluate the 'health' of your business is a key component to you achieving and sustaining your growth. That's why we've created high quality business health check tools to help you to receive the expert advice you need to achieve your business goals in an affordable and easily accesible way.


How does it work 


When you sign-up for a Stratagem Business Health-check you will receive:

  • A web link to a detailed online quf estionnaire -written by a member our panel osubject matter experts.
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will instantly receive an overall 'health-score' for the questionnaire that you have completed.
  • Shortly afterwards, based on the answers you have in the questionnaire, you will receive a detailed and far-ranging report, again, written by one of our industry experts, that will help you to diagnose the issues that you have in your business and provide you with advice and links to additional resources to help you resolve the challenges that you are facing.
  • Within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire, you will receive a call from a Stratagem&Co Partner to arrange your follow-up Health-check Consultation.
  • During the Consultation you will be able to discuss and explore any issues that have arisen in the report and address any questions that you may have.
  • If any follow-up actions are identified, your Stratagem&Co Partner will then work with you on an individual basis to help you to resolve any further issues that you may have and develop bespoke solutions for you that closely fit your business needs and resolve your challenges. 

However we support you, the focus for us is to help you to identify and resolve the blockers that are stopping you from getting you to where you want to go – then it’s our promise to deliver a bespoke solution that fits around you and your organisation to drive your business growth. 


Get your Readiness for Change Health-check here 

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