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Mark Miller

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As a company grows, the focus is on making things work. That means maximum effort on the work itself, and minimal effort on documentation, training etc. It’s the way it has to be. The trouble is, we end up with companies that do things really well, but only because key people  know how to do them. If those people aren’t available, we are scuppered. 

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I was helping a company last month with this very issue. A change in a factory support activity could be made by one employee in minutes, but it would take their colleagues hours to make the same change. So the ‘expert’ was called at all times of day and night to solve problems. 


We don’t think of going on holiday without packing first. Or rather most of us don’t. My mate just threw the same rucksack into the boot every time, but that was unusual. The time spent packing for holiday seems wasteful, but it’s an essential step to a great holiday. It’s the same with process. We can’t grow our organisations until we get a handle on how to create, implement and educate in process.


Process is simply a way to get others to do what the expert would do. We stop becoming dependent on key people. Those key people can go do other important things instead of getting bogged down into solving problems every time. The business continues even if key people aren’t there, because there is a process which is documented and in which other people are trained.


This takes time and money, but it works. Which is why large corporates do so well. They do everything as a matter of process, nothing is left to the one essential expert. Everything can be duplicated, the company can grow independent of key people. So if key people aren’t there, it doesn’t matter, we just apply the process.


It is worth asking whether you have the kinds of processes that large corporates have? Here are some of those:

  • A recruitment process
  • A finance raising process
  • A marketing process
  • A customer service process
  • A service improvement process
  • Etc


Processes often seem dull and uninspiring, especially to the entrepreneurial person who started the business. But the entrepreneurial person cannot grow the business forever by personality, it has to be grown by process. Get to grips with process, the company can grow in an unlimited way, in the way it deserves to grow.

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At Stratagem&Co, we believe that being able to quickly assess and evaluate the 'health' of your business is a key component to you achieving and sustaining your growth. That's why we've created high quality business health check tools to help you to receive the expert advice you need to achieve your business goals in an affordable and easily accesible way.


How does it work 


When you sign-up for a Stratagem Business Health-check you will receive:

  • A web link to a detailed online quf estionnaire -written by a member our panel osubject matter experts.
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will instantly receive an overall 'health-score' for the questionnaire that you have completed.
  • Shortly afterwards, based on the answers you have in the questionnaire, you will receive a detailed and far-ranging report, again, written by one of our industry experts, that will help you to diagnose the issues that you have in your business and provide you with advice and links to additional resources to help you resolve the challenges that you are facing.
  • Within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire, you will receive a call from a Stratagem&Co Partner to arrange your follow-up Health-check Consultation.
  • During the Consultation you will be able to discuss and explore any issues that have arisen in the report and address any questions that you may have.
  • If any follow-up actions are identified, your Stratagem&Co Partner will then work with you on an individual basis to help you to resolve any further issues that you may have and develop bespoke solutions for you that closely fit your business needs and resolve your challenges. 

However we support you, the focus for us is to help you to identify and resolve the blockers that are stopping you from getting you to where you want to go – then it’s our promise to deliver a bespoke solution that fits around you and your organisation to drive your business growth. 


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