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We all go through this. Specially in the SME world where we are short on resources, and have to work really hard just dealing with day to day issues. In my blogs I often refer to this need to be really smart as an SME, large corporates really don’t get what it is like to work with limited resources.

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I have worked on several bid teams for corporates helping them to put together multi million pound bids. One bid was worth over 4 billion. They had a dedicated team of over 40 people for over a year working on it. No wonder we won the bid! SMEs just don’t have that luxury. If you are running an SME, take it from me that you are a harder worker and smarter than any director running a corporate.


One things corporates have is the luxury of planning. Some have teams of planners. But it isn’t really a luxury. Its essential, and it’s why corporates are as large as they are.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). Many SME leaders have a wish to grow. They also have the potential to grow. They just lack a plan. And that’s because we are so busy dealing with real life, and cash is so tight, that there is not the time or money to invest in planning.


There are things you can do as an SME to start the professional planning process. If you are smart about how to plan, then planning itself needn’t take too much resource. He are some quick tips:

  • Start with a goal and put a date on it
  • Back plan from that date, putting dates for mini-goals by which certain things must be done.
  • Write down tasks which need doing for each mini-goal
  • Write down what is going to cause you problems, and write down the tasks which will stop the problems happening in the first place
  • Don’t forget communication task, keeping everyone on board. This is why most plans fail.
  • Produce a final schedule with work tasks, problem prevention tasks and communication tasks.
  • Document, distribute, educate and use it as a monitoring tool.


Large corporates do these things and others things, in a highly structured way. That’s why they are successful, and that’s why their growth plans work.


Stop reacting. Start planning. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Thanks for that to Benjamin Franklin. I wonder if he knew Antoine?


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