“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

Mark Miller

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Growing a business is not easy, because it involves change. And change is not a natural human desire, most people prefer predictability, it feels more comfortable. Often the entrepreneur who started the organisation is frustrated that he or she can see changes they would like to make to grow the business, but others just don’t ‘get it’ and prefer things as they are. 

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Some companies break through this barrier. Either with a fantastic new product which sells itself (eg Dyson), or an already established large customer base who are loyal (eg Virgin). But for most of us running businesses, it’s not that easy. Unlike our large corporate competitors, we don’t have the cash to invest in change, we don’t have large parent companies who can bail us out. I have coached senior executives in large corporates for many years, and believe me, hardly any of them would survive in the average size company like yours. To do your job well and grow your business without the massive financial resources available to corporates, you have to be smart. Very smart.


Changing and growing an organisation with a very limited budget is one of the biggest challenges we face. We need to address many things to develop our businesses: leadership impact, process change, product and service development, staff skills, customer communications. A whole host of areas which together deliver a company that grows superbly well. But to pull all these things together with limited budget, we have to be determined, focused, and of course smart.


In my ideal world I’d take all the leaders of SMEs and put them in charge of the corporates. I think they would do a much better job. Until that day comes, the leaders of SMEs have to develop their businesses and prove to the corporate world just how good leaders of SMEs actually are.


At Stratagem&Co, we believe that being able to quickly assess and evaluate the 'health' of your business is a key component to you achieving and sustaining your growth. That's why we've created high quality business health check tools to help you to receive the expert advice you need to achieve your business goals in an affordable and easily accesible way.


How does it work 


When you sign-up for a Stratagem Business Health-check you will receive:

  • A web link to a detailed online questionnaire -written by a member our panel of subject matter experts.
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will instantly receive an overall 'health-score' for the questionnaire that you have completed.
  • Shortly afterwards, based on the answers you have in the questionnaire, you will receive a detailed and far-ranging report, again, written by one of our industry experts, that will help you to diagnose the issues that you have in your business and provide you with advice and links to additional resources to help you resolve the challenges that you are facing.
  • Within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire, you will receive a call from a Stratagem&Co Partner to arrange your follow-up Health-check Consultation.
  • During the Consultation you will be able to discuss and explore any issues that have arisen in the report and address any questions that you may have.
  • If any follow-up actions are identified, your Stratagem&Co Partner will then work with you on an individual basis to help you to resolve any further issues that you may have and develop bespoke solutions for you that closely fit your business needs and resolve your challenges. 

However we support you, the focus for us is to help you to identify and resolve the blockers that are stopping you from getting you to where you want to go – then it’s our promise to deliver a bespoke solution that fits around you and your organisation to drive your business growth. 


Get your Readiness for Change Health-check here 

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