Do you know what type of leadership your business needs to keep growing?

Mark Miller

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The business you run has had successful leadership up to now. That’s why you have achieved what you have. The question is not whether you are a good leader, but what types of leadership are needed to make sure that your company keeps growing. 

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Large companies can always pay for the best. That doesn’t mean just buying talent, it means they can pay for the best research, the best training and the best systems. It might be worth taking a quick look at what they think is ‘the best’ and why it works. 

I have trained executives in large corporates for many years. One of the popular leadership theories they apply is that developed by Kouzes and Posner, who identified over 20 years of study that worldwide there are 4 consistent key characteristics of highly successful leaders in big companies. Large corporates spend a lot of time and money training their leaders in these 4 qualities, which are ‘Inspirational, Competent, Forward Thinking and Trustworthy’.

Looking at your leaders in your current organisation, it is worth asking whether those 4 qualities are strong or weak. To develop your company further, your company leadership needs to develop so these 4 qualities are strongly displayed throughout all decisions, challenges and crises. Then we can play with the ‘big boys’ by growing our companies at the rate they deserve. If the large corporates use this type of leadership system and it works, why shouldn’t SMEs have access to this knowledge as well?

At Stratagem&Co, we believe that being able to quickly assess and evaluate the 'health' of your business is a key component to you achieving and sustaining your growth. That's why we've created high quality business health check tools to help you to receive the expert advice you need to achieve your business goals in an affordable and easily accessible way.

However we support you, the focus for us is to help you to identify and resolve the blockers that are stopping you from getting you to where you want to go – then it’s our promise to deliver a bespoke solution that fits around you and your organisation to drive your business growth. 

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