Helping SME's to grow by Facilitating Change.

When strategies fail it's most commonly due to poor implementation or poor management of change. At Stratagem&Co, our consultants are skilled at ensuring that our clients growth strategies are implemented with the maximum impact and efficiency. - whether that's through detailed project management or careful management of change with our clients commercial team, we ensure that our clients growth strategies benefit from every possible opportunity to succeed.

Stratagem Consulting

Compelling marketing strategies based upon detailed market research, intelligence and insight enable our clients to generate significant growth by knowing their market potential,  understanding their customers needs and defeating their competitors threats. At Stratagem&Co we develop 'data-based' marketing strategies that are built on facts rather than opinions or guesswork - enabling our clients to generate growth by being externally focussed and market oriented towards their target customers.


Whether you need advice on how to construct a marketing strategy, a review of your current marketing strategy, a fast-track marketing strategy based on external research, or a fully integrated marketing strategy based on extensive research and market feedback - complete with detailed analysis, recommendations and activity plans; Stratagem Consulting has the expertise you need to grow.

Choose from a series of structured marketing strategy consulting programmes, or ask us to tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Stratagem Innovation

Innovation is crucial to the continuing growth and success of any organisation. At Stratagem&Co, we help small and medium sized enterprises to develop compelling innovation based strategies.

Innovation involves technical or commercial risk and probably both in equal measure, which might be holding back your great product or service idea from getting past the concept stage. You have the technical capabilities and are well versed in project management but you may lack the resources and expertise to be able to prove that the market for your ground-breaking product actually exists. 

Even if you have done your market homework, project costs and risks may just be too high. That’s where Stratagem&Co’s expertise can help UK SMEs to grow and prosper by tapping into the substantial funds available from Innovate UK.

Applying for the funding itself can be quite daunting, so whether its £40K required for a proof of market study or a £1M product development project, Stratagem&Co will help you significantly improve your chances by making sure you ‘tick all the relevant boxes’ in line with the Government’s industrial strategy. We believe in starting with the end in mind coupled with a sector focussed approach, which we have learnt is a key success factor in securing funding. So we will ensure that you demonstrate that you have really thought about commercialisation.

We can provide the resources to do the heavy lifting required in a proof of market study or similarly during the commercialisation phase and Stratagem&Co has inbound marketing tools at its disposal that can significantly increase the chances of success.

Stratagem Projects

Managing complex projects can be a challenge for any business - ensuring that projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and to the required specification is a critical component to the success of any SME.  At Stratagem Projects, our consultants are PRINCE2 certified project management practitioners with significant experience of working with clients to ensure that their projects run efficiently, with minimum waste and no un-unnecessary expense.


Our consultants are PRINCE2 certified project management practitioners with significant experience of working with clients to ensure that their projects run efficiently, with minimum waste and no un-necessary expense. So whether you need advice on how to set-up project management processes, a review of your current project management activities, a qualified project management practitioner to manage your project, or fully comprehensive support and on-going programme management for all your projects, Stratagem Projects has the expertise you need. 

Whether you need advice on how to construct a market research plan, a review of your current market research activities, a schedule of annual 'dip' studies, or a fully comprehensive programme of on-going tracking studies, Stratagem Insights has the expertise you need.

Choose from a series of structured market research and intelligence programmes, or ask us to tailor a programme to suit your needs.