Helping SME's to grow and set Strategic Direction.

Establishing Strategic Direction

Analysing data from market research, and translating compelling insights into successful marketing strategies is not normally an area of inhouse expertise that is readily available within SME's. At Stratagem&Co we use our proprietary 8 step process to help our clients reach focussed and informed choices about how to grow their business - based on data driven insights rather than guesswork.

Stratagem Insights

We gather and interrogate market data to uncover compelling insights, that we then use to drive forwards your marketing strategy and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace where you compete. Conducting market research and analysing the results is at the heart of what we do at Stratagem Insights - so whether you need advice on how to construct a market research plan, a review of your current research activities, a schedule of annual 'dip' studies, or a fully comprehensive programme of on-going tracking studies, Stratagem Insights has the expertise you need.

We use the insights that we uncover through market research to develop 'data-based' marketing strategies that are built on facts rather than opinions or guesswork. We follow a rigorous 8 step proprietary process to develop compelling growth strategies for our clients that enable them to fully understand the needs of their customers, and defeat their competitors threats. So whether you need advice on how to construct a marketing strategy, a review of your current marketing strategy, a fast-track marketing strategy based on external research, or a fully integrated marketing strategy based on extensive research and market feedback - complete with detailed analysis, recommendations and activity plans; Stratagem Consulting has the expertise you need to grow.

Stratagem&Co 8 step proprietary process for strategy creation

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